Being native Punekars and spending a few years in Mumbai, C & I are big fans of shaved ice. We are always on the hunt for shaved ice, sno cones & Italian Ice selling establishments, food trucks and shacks. Recently Bahama Buck’s opened a store close to us and off course we had to try them out. Verdict: Out of this world delicious-powdery-shaved ice and great flavors!

Bahama Buck’s offers choice of 91 gourmet flavored syrups to customize your sno cone.

Bahama Bucks is a franchise that started way back in 1990 and has many locations all over the US. They have an extremely wide range of flavors including weird ones like Pickle Juice, Bubblegum and Blueberry Muffin. There are many customization options available including whipped cream, ice-cream, sprinkles, and other toppings. The sno-cones come in 3 sizes and even the small one makes a decent serving. They also serve smoothies, flavored sodas, variety of lemonades, fresh fruits and cream & more. Bahama Bucks has these awesome spoons that change color depending on sno temperature. They also have stamp cards where 10 orders get you 1 free. Yelp often has free cream or upsize offers for different locations, so check that out before you go.

Let’s talk a bit about that Sno Cone though! The ice is super soft, powdery and fluffy and simply melts in your mouth. It is drenched in your choice of flavored syrup and is decorated with a cute cocktail umbrella to transport you back to the tropics. We ordered Watermelon and Mango sno cones and both were delicious. S-boy was thrilled with the airy sno and animatedly babbled as he demanded large spoonfuls. He was also entranced by the ice shaving process and spent a good time peering at the shaver machines.

Fluffy Mango sno cone

Bahama Bucks has tropical themed décor and beach signs and surfboards hang all over the place. They have taken a leaf out of Mumbai Chowpatty’s Ice-Gola sellers book and strategically placed flavored syrup bottles all around the counters. It creates a pretty interesting effect and actually made me nostalgic for Mumbai. Now if only they had kacchi kairi! (raw mango – a typical Indian sno cone flavor) Sigh, I will have to go back to chowpatty for that!

Find a Bahama bucks location near you this summer!

I visited Bahama Bucks in Houston in June 2017

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