Travel by itself is cathartic but momentary; chronicling lends it permanence. Writing brings to focus my fleeting insights as I journey through deserts, ruins, festivals, chaotic bazaars and energetic cities.

About me

I’m Ketki Sharangpani, an Indian living in the United States. I dream of writing spirited, slightly acerbic and witty stories, being a celebrated author, and traveling the world to see striking buildings, people and cultures, and experience profound sunrises, shadows and rituals. Dotted Globe is my take on combining passions as a travel writer. Read more about why I launched Dotted Globe and the time I received a blogging award

C, my partner, also loves to travel and is my favorite travel companion. We planned our first trip to Mysore, India when we were 22 and have taken more than 50 trips together till date. We have traveled to various parts of the United States, Jordan, Qatar and India. Our recent travels have been ‘Baby Boy on Board’ with arrival of S. Our trips are an exciting blend of crazy ideas and intense planning. C usually researches inspiring destinations and activities; I am in charge of creating detailed itineraries and making hotel, flights and car reservations. I write our travel stories; C can’t be persuaded to read them. On the road C is behind the wheel and since S, behind the stroller; I am the photographer and yelping about for tasty food. We are big on gastronomical adventures and plan entire trips around food.

We are crazy about road trips. We have traveled tens of thousands of miles in about a dozen different cars and plan to keep doing more. We enjoy creating trip routes and share our tried and true trip planning method on Dotted Globe.

About Dotted Globe

When I envision my dream travels, I think of dainty little footsteps left behind on sunny cobbled streets and shadowy back alleys, in boisterous souqs and colorful bazaars, on sparkling desert dunes and pristine sandy beaches, in forgotten ruins and dazzling downtowns. And then there are the stories that constantly unfold around me, that need to be told, and that make sense only on connecting the customs and traditions, friendly locals, religion and architecture, music, and food. I imagine a globe dotted by my quest to feel, question, understand and experience.

About travel

Cathartic travel experiences come and go, some remain long in memory. My most treasured moment during travel is simply pausing for a moment. Pausing and putting down my camera and guide book, emptying my mind of the awareness of where I’m, what I’m here for and the factors that led me there. Pausing and taking in the enormity, history and character of the place. Pausing and feeling the hustle bustle of tourists around me. Pausing and feeling the atmosphere that has been enriched by the collective experiences and journeys of thousands of travelers before me. Pausing and revering nature and her creations; pausing and honoring man and his inventions.

Such is the nature of travel; it quenches wanderlust even as it leaves one thirsting for more.


Of all the travel journals in the vast blogging universe you found mine and that you are here now and want to know more; that’s the closest Dotted Globe and I have come to serendipity.