Valparaiso, located on the Pacific Coast of Chile, is one of the most beautiful cities I have seen till date. The city and its streets are bursting with a riot of colors in the form of richly painted houses, stunning art murals and space-defying graffiti in every hue. Valparaiso’s ancient funicular railways and trams are delightful reminiscent of its past while its fishing piers frequented by sea-lions and pelicans offer an authentic immersion in local customs. The zig-zag, often climbing streets of Valparaiso are filled with small cafes, restaurants, bars and taverns. The views from the top of the hills surrounding the city are breathtaking while climbing down a never-ending staircase is exhilarating. There are a multitude of things to do in Valparaiso for all kinds of visitors. Valparaiso’s memorable identity as a famous port city along with historic buildings, world famous street art, higgledy-piggledy houses have earned it the distinction of being a UNESCO World Heritage Sight.

C & I fell in love with this unique, vibrant city on our recent trip to Chile and have been inspired by our photos from Valparaiso to start a new photo series on Dotted Globe to feature beautiful and exotic destinations. I wanted to call it ‘Postcards from Valparaiso, Chile’ while C wanted to call it ‘Visual Guide to Vaparaiso, Chile’. In the end we both agreed on 15 Breathtaking Photos that will make you fall in love with Valparaiso, Chile. Or you can just call it 15 Incredible Photos that will make you fall in love with Valparaiso, Chile. As always, with love from Valpo! 

Valparaiso is winding, cobbled streets, richly colored houses and friendly locals

Valparaiso is unexpected street art, sloping streets, crumbling mansions and pretty windows 

Valparaiso is ancient trams and historic buildings that seem to run together 

Valparaiso is an unexpected sunshine of colors in narrow alleyways 

Valparaiso is an astonishing blend of fantasy and practicality

Valparaiso is chaotic buildings, bustling port activities and incredible views of the deep blue Pacific

Valparaiso is sheer talent, creativity and art in every form

Valparaiso is expressing opinion, dissent and perception through art

Valparaiso is enriching life through the hues

Valparaiso is century-old funiculars and memorable rocky rides

Valparaiso is magnificent and awe-worthy graffiti, both anonymous and signed

Valparaiso is street art on every surface in sight

Valparaiso is postcard perfect rainbow streets 

Valparaiso is colorful houses that seem to climb on top of each other

Valparaiso is for wanderers, art lovers, travelers and tourists. Valparaiso is for the wanderlust in all of us. 


Did you like these postcards from Valparaiso? Let me know in comments! Planning a trip to Valparaiso and Chile? We have several resources to get you started!

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