S-Boy is one train obsessed toddler. I’m sure you read all about our adventures at the Pumpkin Patch Express and all that research going into finding the best Polar Express in Texas. We celebrated Diwali (Indian Festival of Lights) last week and his grandparents sent a box of goodies for us. S-Boy comes home, sees the box and wants to open it. I ask him to guess what’s inside and he promptly goes ‘train…choo choo”. It made us all laugh so hard. This week I’m creating a holiday gift list for him and one thing leads to another, and I come across this Baby-center article which says, ‘babies get used to the music and voices they hear while in womb.’ Ah, maybe that’s the source of his obsession. I loved the ‘Engine Engine Number Nine’ rhyme as a kid and frequently sang it to S-Boy when I was pregnant. Also when he was an infant he stopped crying as soon as I started singing that nursery rhyme. So maybe I created the obsession. Or maybe all toddlers are train obsessed! Is yours too? Here are some of the train-themed things going on our holiday registry. I have also included toys which S-Boy owns and loves; they would be perfect for other children!

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S-Boy’s day starts with pushing around his Alphabet train by V-tech. It comes in many colors; my friend gifted this to S-Boy when he was 8 months old. Since then he has been playing with it constantly. He started sitting, standing and walking by holding on to that train. Today he runs with it all over the house; we have even used it in the driveway and the train has held well. The train has alphabets, colors, blocks, books, music and is a toddler’s dream. It’s the dream gift for children aged 1-3 yrs.

We also have the Thomas push train; I bought it at clearance at Walmart. S-Boy enjoys pushing it around. Nowadays he’s transitioning into pushing both the Alphabet train engine and the Thomas train at same time. The other day he was trying to stand on the Alphabet train and push the Thomas train; I’m not even kidding!

We also recently brought this train track set from Orbrium. It has lot of pieces – I have kept some of the trees and buildings unopened till S-Boy gets a bit older – and the track is of perfect length. S-Boy loves the blue bridge and can assemble and dissemble the track by himself. It was the perfect birthday present for our 2-yr old boy.

We also have My Big Train Book and let me tell you it’s big plus full of trains. A big book full of big trains is an instant hit! S-Boy likes flipping the pages, pointing at different trains, describing their colors, counting windows and so on. It’s just perfect to have a conversation and teach him more about trains.

Lastly, I like to keep Thomas the Train Stickers in my purse when we are traveling. The small stickers are perfect to distract S-Boy and keep him happy. The stickers and his Buckle Toy were super useful when we got stranded at Miami Airport for 5 hrs on our way back from Easter Island and Chile due to Hurricane Irma. The stickers are easy to pull for a toddler and don’t create a mess. I even distributed them as party favors at S-Boy’s daycare.

These items do not cover everything train-themed in our house but they are some of the best ones. S-Boy also has this super cute wobbly train which he received as a gift while we were in India but I have no idea what to call it or where to find a similar toy.    

Want to know what I have put aside in our Holiday registry? First up is The Polar Express book by Chris Van Allsburg. I have seen and enjoy the movie a lot; S-Boy is still new to the story. I plan to read him the book, then see the movie together and then take the real Polar Express train ride at Palestine, Texas. We spent the last holiday season in India where Christmas is celebrated on a smaller scale, so it would be S-Boy’s first real Christmas back at home.

Another gift topping my list is this plushy Thomas cuddle pillow. I saw one of these at Toys R Us the other day and it felt just perfect for S-Boy. He loves plush toys and at the moment has about 40 in different shapes and sizes. He loves sleeping with the giant dog we bought from Ikea. The description says its 20 inches long; at that size Thomas would make the perfect sleepmate for S-Boy. I can almost hear them chugging away into Dreamland!

Next up on my list is the Thomas Ride-on by Fisher Price. A battery powered train that S-Boy can sit and ride! It rides on the tracks as well as off it – and the tracks are about 5-6 feet wide when assembled. Now if we only we could make some room. Currently our living room is occupied by S-Boy’s slide, tunnel and play gym and looks like this!

Still the idea of a ride-on train is so tempting! I loved reading the reviews for this; the one with the picture of child falling asleep on Thomas is so adorable! 

The charm of a train is in its whistle. S-Boy loves to imitate the whistle sound so a train whistle would make the perfect gift. A friend’s son has the Brooklyn Train whistle and boy it sounds real! Just perfectly loud to give a pleasant train whistle and not give a headache to adults – that’s a real criteria.

Last but definitely not the least to make my list is the Tumble Train. I almost bought it for S-Boy’s birthday but then just decided to save it in my basket for later. This battery operated train marches down its curved track and randomly reverses direction – I love the idea of running behind a zig-zag twisting train! Just the gift for mirth-filled holiday times.  

Can you think of any other train themed gifts that would S-Boy would love? Let me know and I will add to them to my holiday shopping list.

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