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"Travel by itself is cathartic but momentary; chronicling lends it permanence," my thoughts as I wander through the desert of Wadi Rum, Jordan. Me a.k.a. Ketki Sharangpani

I have ventured upon a quest to illustrate this world through travelogues and photo essays. Welcome to Dotted Globe, my travel blog. Click below to know more. Or scroll down for some of my favorite travel experiences.

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Dotted Globe is a cultural exploration, ecotourism and culinary travel website encouraging perceptive and responsible travel.

At Dotted Globe, we believe in the transformative power of travel and urge people to travel with a purpose. We treat each journey like an adventure quest and strive to explore the destination through its history, wildlife, inhabitants & their culture, traditions and food.

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Among the colossal Moai at Easter Island: Culmination of a glorious dream

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Demystifying the Falcon Souq and ancient tradition of falconry in Doha, Qatar

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WHERE ARE WE? September: Easter Island, Chile. Las Vegas & Atlanta, USA | October: Rusk, TX | November: New Orleans, LA, San Antonio, TX & Arkansas Fall

Petra's secret: The little known, dramatic Treasury overlook trail in Jordan


Enchanting world of gypsum dunes in White Sands National Monument, New Mexico, USA

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Searching for gastronomic nirvana among Mumbai, India’s iconic eateries


Life’s contemplation in the savagely beautiful, otherworldly Badlands National Park in South Dakota, USA


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In Photos: Adventures along the road

Some stories gather dust, unimportant hence forgotten. Some stories need to be put into words; an effort so frustrating and satisfying that I try to do it again and again. Some stories lie in-between. They can neither be left behind nor articulated; the stories where you just have to watch them unfold. These are the stories that live on through photographs.


“I wish that all of nature’s magnificence, the emotion of the land, the living energy of place could be photographed.” — Annie Leibovitz, the celebrated portrait photographer.

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